“Training hasn’t worked” 

“I think that was caused by a training issue”

There are many times where we’ve heard these statements through our careers. Training requires an investment of time in order for individuals to have the space to learn. They need to attend programmes and then have to translate that learning into a real live environment.

Without the right evaluation criteria being set in the first place, it becomes very tough to try and identify what has and what hasn’t worked. Utilising the Kirkpatrick model for evaluation we assess the effectiveness of training using the following four elements:

  • Reaction – How did the learners react to the learning activity?
  • Learning – What skills have been gained as a result?
  • Behaviours – What changes have been observed in the learners post training?
  • Return on Investment – Has the course achieved what it set out to do? What is the result gained for the business?

To make sure that we hit these goals for you, we utilise this approach through our design process and always like to start with “What needs to be different as a result?” If we take the time to answer this question right at the outset, we’re confident that we can deliver what you and your people need.