Course Design and Delivery

Delivering training is one of our favourite activities here at 2Huskies. It’s during events like this that we get to see the “lightbulb” moment when a learner suddenly realises what they can do differently. For us there is no greater reward than seeing an individual identify the changes that they can make and then witnessing the knock on effect that has on the performance of an organisation. We’re pretty sure the impact of improved performance wouldn’t go unnoticed by you either.

There are so many different training programmes and delivery methods available it can be hard to decide what the right approach for you and your business should be. What we’ve identified through our experience is that whilst you can take your pick of “off the shelf” programmes they may not be the right way forward for your needs.

We pride ourselves on designing courses that:

  1. Match the goals that you have set for your business
  2. Deliver against the development requirements for your teams
  3. Engage with your learners to ensure that they get the most from every programme
  4. Help you to deliver results that matter for your organisation

We have designed programmes from induction through to leadership development and have experience of delivering courses to small groups through to delivering at events with over 500 delegates. We take the time to listen and understand your needs and involve you through the design process to ensure that all courses are fully aligned with your priorities.