Gap Analysis

There are so many times where we’ve been asked to deliver training on a subject because it seems the right thing to do. In our experience however, whilst it would be great to take the business, it’s always the right solution. Careful thought should be given as to the right approach to take which is why we adopted this simple process:

  1. Understand your business: Working with you to understand your overall goals and helping you to identify the skills that you and your teams will need to have to get there.
  2. Understand your people: Development should be an activity that engages with all those involved. WE find that spending time reviewing what your people have to say can be one of the greatest catalysts in helping to drive the success of any development programme.
  3. Map out the journey: Deliver a roadmap that demonstrates the changing skill set of your people and the tangible links to real life successes and the achievement of business goals.

It would be easier to jump straight in with a solution but it’s always worth planning your route before you set off!