We’re not ashamed to admit that Learning and Development is somewhat of a passion here at 2Huskies. 

Over the last twenty years or so we have worked to develop our own skills focusing on the full learning cycle and have designed and delivered sales and customer service training, leadership and management development, eLearning programmes, coaching solutions, talent and succession planning methodologies alongside performance management tools across a number of industries.

However we find that sometimes the pressure of running a business can lead to staff development getting overlooked. Our mission is to help you deliver effective and efficient learning solutions to your people.



We believe that the right approach to development is to take the time to actively listen to what our clients are aiming to achieve. We then work closely with the employees that will be participating in programmes to identify their own personal needs and then blend this all together to deliver a functional course that drives the right results.





But who are 2Huskies?

Andy Walsh

Andy has worked in Learning and Development for nearly 20 years across many different industries including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Media
  • FMCG
  • Construction
  • Banking
  • Healthcare

During that time he’s worked with stakeholders to design and deliver a variety of development solutions across leadership and management, sales and customer services. In addition he has developed performance management processes and succession and talent management tools to support the future growth of organisations. With experience of working across international businesses he has also developed programmes that have been delivered in South Africa, Canada, Costa Rica and Poland covering aspects such as induction, process development and coaching solutions.

Working with people is the main thing that Andy loves most about his job whether that be on a 121 basis through coaching or hosting and presenting at conferences.

Jo Martin

Jo is the organisational brain behind 2Huksies. Jo specialises in providing the logical view and is able to take complex situations and and break them down into simple step by step processes. She has spent her career working in a variety of roles from retail to educational establishments with a real focus on finance and project and facilities management.

Jo ensures that everything we do is delivered on time and in line with your expectations. You may have noticed the lack of photo. Jo is not usually seen in public and instead prefers to make sure that Andy has everything covered for you.